Oct 10, 2022

Say hello to the new give year! 

This year, brother after brother answered the of question of why it is important to give back to Delta Kappa Epsilon and said it was because of how much Lambda DKE changed their life. Lambda DKE gave them leadership skills and friendships that have weathered life’s ups and downs. Together, our gifts can make sure that the important benefits of fraternity membership live on — both through us as alumni, and with the next generation of students.   

While the Lambda DKE experience of today and tomorrow might be different from your personal experience, the core values remain. Leadership, integrity and service to others still form the foundation of our brotherhood. Lifelong friendships, like the ones you continue to enjoy today, take root in new Delta Kappa Epsilon brothers.   

Your financial contribution to Delta Kappa Epsilon at Kenyon College does more than honor these ideals. It perpetuates the lifelong impact that Lambda DKE  has on our alumni brotherhood and the next generation of brothers who will gain leadership experience, camaraderie, and friendships that will last long into their life after graduation.   

Did the Lambda Chapter change your life? If so, join the brotherhood with a donation to the Annual Fund.  

We look forward to adding your name to the Honor Roll of Donors in our next publication and to keeping you informed about the impact of your support.